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Seven C’s Lightening Round with Raphael Hernandez

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

A tradition on The Stories of Creative Leadership Podcast is to ask our guests for a pithy quote about each of the Seven C’s of Creative Leadership. In a recent episode, we spoke to Lt. Col. Raphael Hernandez of the United States Marine Corps to understand how the Marines foster creative thinking in often demanding situations. You can catch the entire interview here.

Here’s what Raphael offered up during his lightening round:

Communication: “Strategic alignment.”

Curiosity: “Integral to innovation.”

Creativity: “Set the conditions for success through trust.”

Connecting: “With people.”

Culture: “Esprit de corps.”

Change: “Change does not happen until change happens.”

Courage: “Leadership.”

Don’t forget to join us on The Stories of Creative Leadership–a podcast series devoted to uncovering the leadership attributes and behaviors required to lead innovation and change. You can follow the series HERE.

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