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Our areas of expertise focus on four core drivers of organizational innovation:

  • Creating the environment for innovation;

  • Creating supporting infrastructure & processes;

  • Creating strategic frameworks that focus the organization on key goals;

  • Creating and incubating ideas that align with business objectives.

Every company culture is different meaning every innovation engagement requires a custom-built solution. We do not apply a cookie-cutter approach to designing project proposals.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

Branding & Marketing Communications

A strong brand logo is one which expresses an identity that aligns with the emotional benefits of the product or service. Our branding engagements are centered around understanding your brand's purpose, your customer's rational and emotional needs, and what peer-group brands are currently doing. We believe your logo should enable storytelling and make it easier to reinforce your brand positioning across all sales and marketing tactics.

We also create marketing communications to bring your brand to life. Our most notable branding and communications work is for Litchfield Distillery. We are their agency-of-record, designing and producing all of their labels, advertising, trade materials and social media content and creation.

Need help with your brand? Contact us for a quick consult!

Creative Leadership
Coaching & Training

Warren Bennis once said, "​There are two ways of being creative. One can sing or dance. Or one can create the environment in which singers and dancers flourish.​" This is the essence of Creative Leadership. Creativity is the fuel for innovation, yet many leaders lack direct experience creating and fostering creative cultures or managing creative employees. We can help!

The Idea Climate Equation® and The Seven C's of Creative Leadership frameworks are our proprietary teaching tools for coaching executives and teams on leading innovation. You will learn how to create the conditions for others to be creative and to ensure that all their creative endeavors are channeled into specific strategic goals that align with short-term and long-term business goals. Click here for more information on these frameworks.

Contact us about team workshops, executive-level mentoring, keynote speeches.

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