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Seven C’s Lightening Round with John Bell

Updated: Jan 23, 2023


A tradition on The Stories of Creative Leadership Podcast is to ask our guests to share a pithy quote about each of the Seven C’s of Creative Leadership. In our last episode, we spoke with John Bell, author of Do Less Better: The Power of Strategic Sacrifice in a Complex World. It was a fantastic conversation with many, many useful insights about creative leadership, leading change, and fostering creativity. You can catch the entire interview here.

“I’ve got to tell you, I love those Seven C’s–it’s a terrific checklist for anyone who wants to break through with creativity.” -John Bell

Here’s what John had to say during his lightening round:

Communication: “This is about vision. The domain that leaders envision must be a better place for their business, their employees, and their customers. But don’t stop there, if you are a leader with creative juices don’t be afraid to be the team’s player/coach.”

Curiosity: “Rather than the question ‘Why?’ I prefer the question, ‘Why not?’ Why not establishes a place to go. So when you and your team have proven you can break through the seemingly impossible there’s nothing that can stand in your way.”

Creativity: “Step one for creative leaders is to create a culture in which big ideas are worshiped. In my business this was critical because without that culture we would never have been able to thrive against the big giants.”

Connecting: “When everyone understands that lateral thought doesn’t have to be a logical thought then there are no bad ideas. So this brings out more ideas from more people, so you get the snow-ball effect.”

Culture: “When creative leaders establish a creative culture that delivers, you have a team of believers who see the unseen.”

Change: “Ditto my last answer.”

Courage: “I think this is another way of saying you don’t have to be an entrepreneur but you have to think like one.”

Don’t forget to join us on The Stories of Creative Leadership–a podcast series devoted to uncovering the leadership attributes and behaviors required to lead innovation and change. You can follow the series HERE.



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