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Seven C’s Lightening Round with Ivy Ross

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

One of our traditions on The Stories of Creative Leadership Podcast is to invite our guests to offer a pithy quote about each of the Seven C’s of Creative Leadership. In the season one finale, Google’s Ivy Ross served up a bunch of wisdom and inspiration in her lightening round. Enjoy!

Communication: “The glue that holds ideas together.”

Curiosity: “Asking the “What if?” question or, “But why?” and “How did things work?”

Creativity: “Seeing things beyond what they appear to be and being free to make new connections.”

Connecting: “I think that’s how the brain makes new ideas, so it is imperative.”

Culture: “Be immersed in it and be the observer of it at the same time.”

Change: “Or die. I think the only thing guaranteed is that things will never stay the same. There used to be an invention every ten years, now it’s every ten seconds.”

Courage: “Nothing new will ever come about if you don’t have it.”

Listen to the entire conversation with Ivy.

We hope you’ll join us on The Stories of Creative Leadership–a podcast series devoted to uncovering the leadership attributes and behaviors required to lead innovation and change. You can follow the series HERE.

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