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Episode 6: Culture

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

The Seven C’s of Creative Leadership

By Tony Vengrove

7 C's of Creative Leadership

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Welcome to Episode 6 of The Seven C’s of Creative Leadership! Today, we discuss the fifth C: Culture. “We have to innovate or die,” is a great rallying cry until we wake up and realize its really a commitment to fostering a more creative culture. The challenge for most organizations is that creativity is often outsourced to external agencies leaving current executives with little hands-on creative leadership experience.

This week’s guest is Tim Murphy, VP Digital & Media at Pernod Ricard. Tim has worked on

  1. You have to promote experimentation. Perfect solutions just don’t fall into your lap.

  2. It’s critical to create the space for creativity. Creative thinking needs to be coaxed into the light.

  3. The importance of play — “This is what my kids do.”

  4. Find out what people are passionate about…then let them at it.

  5. Share and show what you’re doing with other people. Avoid the protectionist trap.

  6. Be patient. This can’t, and won’t, happen overnight.

There’s much, much more to learn from Tim!  Be sure to listen with a pad and pen handy.

Join us next week for Episode 7 as we invite Jeff Shuck, CEO of Plenty Consulting, to discuss Change Management. Jeff will lives on the front-line of change. He not only helps clients adapt and grow, but as an entrepreneur himself, he understands he needs to lead through change constantly. It’s an interview you won’t want to miss!

You can follow the show and listen to archived episodes at our official landing page at Business in the Morning.

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