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Episode 3: Curiosity

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

The Seven C’s of Creative Leadership

By Tony Vengrove

7 C's of Creative Leadership

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Welcome to Episode 3 of The Seven C’s of Creative Leadership!  In this conversation we dive into the second C: Curiosity. Effective Creative Leaders understand that curiosity is the bedrock of fostering a creative culture. The most effective technique for inspiring curiosity is to ask questions.

Our special guest, Brand Strategist, Steve Kazanjian, shares his perspective about why

  1. Re-framing curiosity as the quest for the truth.

  2. Why curiosity is the pre-work of creativity.

  3. Why it’s critical for leaders and organizations to get out of their comfort zone and how curiosity helps people accomplish this.

  4. Steve’s warning that you “cannot be afraid to leave the building.” Why getting out of the office is so critical to getting inspired.

Curiosity is perhaps the easiest “C” to immediately incorporate into your leadership routine. It simply requires stimulating conversation via thought-provoking questions.  Asking “Why?” and “Why not?” are often the only questions you need to ask to uncover those hidden nuggets of insight that can unleash your team’s creative thinking.

Be sure to join us next Monday for Episode Four: Creativity. We’ll welcome David Bonner, Chief Creative Officer of Marriner Marketing to the show. David will share his wisdom on how he creates the conditions for others to deliver game-changing creative ideas.

You can follow the show and listen to archived episodes at our official landing page at Business in the Morning.

Founder, Miles Finch Innovation LLC

Miles Finch Innovation helps companies navigate the messy territory of corporate innovation. We’re strategic thinking partners who can help you get unstuck and identify creative solutions to your toughest challenges. We also love to train and speak on the subject of Creative Leadership. Email us or call us at 860-799-7505 to learn how we can help you you unlock the creative potential of your employees.

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