The Seven C’s of Creative Leadership Podcast Series

7 C's of Creative Leadership

Since 2012, when Miles Finch Innovation opened its doors, we’ve championed the development of creative leadership capabilities for our C-Suite clients. In our opinion, the lack of creative leadership skills represents the biggest leadership abyss in corporate America today. It’s why nearly every CEO who says she’s committed to innovation, also confesses she’s underwhelmed with the quality of ideas in the pipeline.

To fill this critical void, Miles Finch Innovation launched a new podcast series called, The Seven C’s of Creative Leadership. We partnered with the amazing Todd Schnick of Intrepid Now to produce a nine-part series illustrating each competency of the Seven C’s framework:  communication, curiosity, creativity, connecting, culture, change management and courage. Our fabulous AAA lineup of guests shared their firsthand perspective of what it really takes to lead innovation and foster a culture of creativity.

creative-leadershipINTRODUCTION with Tony Vengrove & Todd Schnick

In this introductory segment, we outline our goals for the series, define key terms, discuss what creative leadership is all about, and provide an overview of each “C.” We make the case that innovation is a critical leadership task; it’s not as simple as putting managers in charge of a process.

communcationCOMMUNICATION with Perry Baldwin, COO of The Family Room.

Learn how to inspire with vision or the WIG (wildly important goal), then empower team members with great objectives. Use listening skills to foster a dialogue up and down the line in order to invite creative thinking and engagement.

curiosityCURIOSITY with Steve Kazanjian, Founder of Steve Kazanjian, LLC.

“Curiosity is the quest to search for the truth.” Steve challenges us to move beyond rational thinking to search for hidden gems of insight hidden in the complicated, irrational, and messy shadows of our industries. It’s impossible to be innovative without curiosity!

creativityCREATIVITY with David Bonner, Chief Creative Officer of Marriner Marketing.

Hear how an agency creative director inspires great ideas and creates the environment for innovation to take place. Learn how to promote autonomy, mastery and purpose for your employees by inviting everyone into the “creative kitchen.”

connectingCONNECTING with Max Mckeown, Author of The Innovation Book.

Max encourages us all to build “a bigger, collective brain” in order to connect ideas, experiences, and perspectives. We also discuss how patience is a virtue; that we can’t expect to sprint to the finish line–we need time to play and experiment.

cultureCULTURE with Tim Murphy, VP Digital & Media at Pernod Ricard.

Listen to how a F500 leader creates space for people to experiment, try new things, and to learn from failure. Tim shares key lessons: encourage passion, invite everyone to engage, and don’t expect overnight transformations.

change-managementCHANGE MANAGEMENT with Jeff Shuck, CEO of Plenty Consulting.

Accepting that we don’t have all the answers helps invite change: “I don’t know, let’s go find out.” Jeff reminds us of that change is a constant evolution and that all innovation involves change of some degree. Don’t be afraid of creative tension as your organization develops new solutions.

courageCOURAGE with Denis Budniewski, EVP, Director of Account Leadership at Mithun.

Playing it safe is the default setting for most organizations. Learn how an ad agency executive encourages courage with his agency partners and his clients. It’s all about taking the right risk at the right time and requires a foundation of trust.

creative-leadershipCONCLUSION with Ivy Ross, Fearless Leader of Google Glass.

In this concluding episode, Ivy helps summarize the entire framework and offers up a ton of inspiration along the way. She reiterates that nothing new will ever come about if you don’t have courage. Listen to how this extraordinary creative leader inspires innovation and change every place she goes.

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More to Come in 2016!

Due to the success and interest in the series, we’re happy to announce that we’ll continue the conversation next year. Starting in January 2016, Todd and Tony will continue the podcast under a new name:  The Stories of Creative Leadership. We’ll have another lineup of great guests who will discuss what it takes to lead innovation and foster a culture of creativity. We hope you’ll join us!

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